Second Language

Throughout my life, I grew up speaking English in public and Mandarin Chinese at home. They are my first languages and I speak them both fluently. In middle school, I started learning Spanish at school, and since my brain was still going through lateralization at that age, I retained a good bit of it. During high school, I became a language fanatic and attempted to learn a little bit of Japanese, Swahili, Hindi, and Egyptian Hieroglyphics. In College I took two semesters of Arabic and a semester of German. I also picked up some Taiwanese from my family. Right before I came to St. Maarten, my favorite CDs to listen to in the car was Pimsleur’s Beginner’s French Audio Lessons, and just today, I learned that a chin is not called a chin but a mental protuberance.

I’m a little bit old now for second language acquisition… but I’m trying. Check out what I’ve learned so far in my new language!