Eyes and Earthquakes

I felt pretty good yesterday.

In anatomy lab, we had a pretty well-dissected eye on our cadaver, and so many people from other tables came to our table asking “Hey I heard you guys have a pretty good eye, can you show it to us?” and “Hey I heard you can see the superior cervical ganglion on your body! Can I see it?” Because of this, I got to explain all the nerves and muscles that control the movement of the eye as well as other landmarks in the head and neck region five or six times to several groups of people. I think by teaching others, you teach yourself. After explaining it over and over, I know I won’t forget those parts now. That’s one thing less I have to review before the test!

On another note, we had an earthquake yesterday!! Well, it was more like a bump, than an actual quake, measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale. I felt harder earthquakes when I was in Taiwan (which people there considered “small”), and so when it happened yesterday, I just thought it was my own hallucination. I was surprised we even get earthquakes here, but seeing the fact that some nearby islands have volcanic activity and not far offshore from St. Maarten is where three tectonic plates meet (Caribbean Plate, South American Plate, and North American Plate), it makes sense. Since we’re in the Lowlands, and surrounded by a large lagoon on one side and an even larger ocean on the other, I’d be more concerned with tsunamis.

Pray for me!

A storm gathers above the dorms
Lightening Strikes