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BLOCK TWO EXAMS ARE FINALLY DONE!!! There was so much more material on this second block as I learned how you can die from picking a pimple, how streptomycin works as an antibiotic, and how to find the vagus nerve among an entanglement of vessels, muscles, connective tissue, and nerves in the neck. But with an improved study methodology, and… Continue reading

AUC Campus

I remember when I was applying to medical schools I've always been curious as to what the campuses of these schools look like, besides what they show on their websites. St. George's University, of course, has pictures of their campus all over their site, because they are the largest school, and obviously have a very large, very beautiful campus as well, worthy... Continue reading

October Night

Last night was a beautiful night, and I just couldn’t pass it up for studying in an enclosed room. A nice place to study I discovered are the study rooms on the topmost floor of the dorms, right on the roof. Hardly anyone’s there, and they have plenty of desk space, dry erase boards, internet access, air conditioners (which make… Continue reading

On Note Taking

Since the last block, I have changed my note taking habits dramatically. During the last block, I wrote everything down in lecture in a little notebook. I found it useful to take notes because in order to write a summary of the main points, I had to integrate and truly understand the information in my brain. Writing everything down onto… Continue reading

Anatomy on Maho Beach

About: Maho Beach is probably the most famous beach on St. Maarten due to its proximity to the airport. Highlights: Seeing a Boeing 747 land just feet above your head on the beach. While I do not recommend this as it hurts, a lot of people like to hang onto the fence when an airplane is taking off to feel the powerful force of the jet engine blast. Another highlight is sipping on a drink with some friends at Sunset Beach Bar while watching the airplanes come in. Just to clarify, the bar is called "Sunset Beach Bar" while the beach itself is called "Maho Beach." A lot of people see the beach bar's name and assume the beach is called "Sunset Beach." Continue reading

Second Language

Throughout my life, I grew up speaking English in public and Mandarin Chinese at home. They are my first languages and I speak them both fluently. In middle school, I started learning Spanish at school, and since my brain was still going through lateralization at that age, I retained a good bit of it. During high school, I became a… Continue reading


I just got my grades back from the first block exams EVER in medical school… all I gotta say is… I PASSED!! Although this may not normally seem like much of an accomplishment to most people, but for me, this is a great start to med school, especially with all the scary things you hear.
  • The class average for Anatomy
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    Yah Mon!

    Something that you learn while living in the Caribbean is that nothing in the Caribbean is pronounced as it is written. Here I’ll share with yall some mistakes I’ve made over the past few months… If anyone of you got interviews with SGU, Ross, Saba, AUA, MUA, or any other the schools located in these places, make sure you know… Continue reading

    Two Lessons on Symbiosis

    American Global University is not accredited by any medical school accrediting association and not even FAIMER-listed, yet still advertises itself as the “Best Caribbean Medical School” and claims graduates can practice in the states when in reality they cannot. Milik University turned out to be one-man team running the whole show. Dr. Nagy Milik is the founder, the admissions committee,… Continue reading