Yah Mon!

Something that you learn while living in the Caribbean is that nothing in the Caribbean is pronounced as it is written. Here I’ll share with yall some mistakes I’ve made over the past few months…

If anyone of you got interviews with SGU, Ross, Saba, AUA, MUA, or any other the schools located in these places, make sure you know how to pronounce them right!! The most embarrassing thing you can experience is a correction by your interviewer of the name or location of the school, even before the interview begins.

So watch and repeat, mon!

Looks Like… But Is Actually…
Grenada greh-NAH-duh greh-NAY-duh
Antigua an-TEE-gwuh an-TEE-guh
Saba SAH-buh SAY-buh
St. Lucia saint-loo-SEE-yah saint-LOO-sha
Tobago tuh-BAH-go tuh-BAY-go
Anguilla an-GILL-luh an-GWILL-luh
Dominica doh-MIN-nih-kuh DOH-min-NEE-kuh
Nevis NAY-viss NEE-viss
Curacao kur-RAH-ko KYUR-ruh-sao