Miami, city by the water.

It’s strange how busy one can be without classes. I no longer have any lecture to catch in the mornings. I have no meetings to go to. Yet, this whole week, I’ve been getting up every morning at 7 or so to make coffee for Irene (and for myself) and get on my computer to do U-World questions or read over some First Aid. Then in the evening, I’d meet up with my classmates online and study for about 4-5 hours. Every evening I feel absolutely exhausted from studying, and feel the need to escape from the apartment for the first time that day.

Luckily, the escape route isn’t too far away.

Every evening around 6 or 7pm when I get done studying, and when Irene gets off from her clinical rotations, Irene and I would always go out to do something fun or new, either with each other or with her friends from Barry University or my friends from AUC (or both). It’s so cool how through us, people from both programs can meet.

Last night, Chris, Irene, and I went out for an evening walk around the neighborhood. We walked up Brickell Avenue and around the Riverwalk that goes around Brickell Key. The full moon was out. It was a cool, clear night with a nice sea breeze, and the city by the water revealed her beauty.

Check out the pictures from our escapade!