AUC Clinical Facebook Groups

Ever since moving to Miami after finishing Basic Sciences, I’ve discovered that several of my friends who are starting their rotations here have many questions concerning housing, living situations, as well as who else I know from AUC is or will be going to Miami. As I have not started clinicals yet, I myself have a lot of questions that other students may have the answer for. But who could I ask?

In the past year, the school started incorporating Facebook as a networking tool among students of each new incoming semester class, to communicate with each other as well as with current students and advisors in order to have questions answered, sell books, buy books, find apartments, find roommates, get study tips, organize grocery shopping trips or dinner outings, make announcements, as well as discuss opinions or seek help with difficult topics in class. Even after several semesters into medical school, these groups have continued to remain useful (since all discussed posts are saved), and active. Yet, these class groups, which group students by semester, will only remain useful as a practical informational resource during Basic Sciences when everyone is united on the same campus taking the same classes.

Since after Basic Sciences, AUC students disperse all over the United States and the UK, I thought it’d be a great idea to have Facebook student groups for each location that clinical students are rotating in. It’d be a useful tool for communication between students who have not arrived yet who are looking for places to stay, finding potential roommates, getting advice, and seeking answers to questions such as those my friends and I have, and students who are already there who can provide that info. It could also be used to unite the AUC community in each city so that clinical students in that city can coordinate different group activities and what not. Students can join or leave groups as they please, depending on where they are rotating. This way, we will continue to help each other out as part of the AUC family when we are at these “mini campuses” throughout the states and the UK. In addition, these clinical groups can bridge the communication gap between Basic Science students and Clinical students as both can join these groups and communicate with each other, especially needed at AUC.

So if you or anyone you know from AUC who is, has, or will be in any of these cities for rotation, please invite them to join these group!

AUC School of Medicine Miami

AUC School of Medicine New York

AUC School of Medicine London

AUC School of Medicine Bakersfield

AUC School of Medicine Michigan

AUC School of Medicine Baltimore

AUC School of Medicine Louisiana