My Last Night in Athens

On my last night in Athens, my friends Roberto and Stefy and I had a nice evening picnic on Herty Field in the historic North Campus, complete with home-made sandwiches and wine. Afterwards, we toured the Founder’s Garden, Latin American Garden, and discovered other beautiful places that we had overlooked during our semesters at UGA. Of course, we rang the infamous bell, which anyone at UGA should ring before graduating, and we walked under The Arch. I love north campus. I realized that all too often we let beauty pass by when we are busy. Little did we realize until now that beauty was all around us. In medical school, I know there will be times when I feel stressed during my studies, but I shall not forget to pause and step back and realize the beauty of where I am and the wonder of what I am learning. I shall not forget the inspiration of my mission and the strength of my struggle to achieve it.  What a great way to conclude this step in my journey, or shall I say the beginning of the next?