Happy Halloween Everyone!

It’s the weekend before Halloween and the best (and really, the only) time to celebrate the holiday. Irene and I went over to a friend’s place to carve our pumpkins. Irene decided to paint hers green to make it different, and it turned out pretty cool because it made the pumpkin look like it was growing mold. We didn’t want to wait too late for it to grow real mold. Being the nerd I am, I carved an PQRST wave (heart beat on electrocardiogram). Afterwards, we went to a costume party and caught up with some friends. Here are some pics from our pre-Halloween weekend!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

This is how med students prepare for halloween.

I think Meow meow was really scared being between really scary pumpkins

Irene and I carving pumpkins at our friends’ place

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