I love my iPad and I do everything with it, from reading books, to taking notes, to looking up stuff on the internet. I take it everywhere I go during my rotations, lectures, and travels. It’s just as useful as it was when I first got it as it is today.

I got my first-generation iPad the beginning of last year, and in just a little over a year-and-a-half, it’s already “obsolete,” with Apple coming out with a fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini recently. Just 1.5 years! Instead of getting a new iPad that will fit my white coat, I’d rather get a white coat that will fit my iPad.

And all it takes is an old t-shirt and sewing kit!

Sewing a new pocket into my white coat from a free t-shirt.


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  • GENIUS!! I got the iPad 3 but then the iPad mini came out which seems to be more mobile for medical students during rotations. But Benji, your method of creating an iPad pocket is more cost effective.

    • Benji

      Yeah, there’s still a lot of things I like about the full-size iPad vs the mini, like typing, which I’d imagining would be limited to thumb typing on the mini, and the larger display.

      I think buying a coat that would fit the iPad is best (and they do sell them out there). To do otherwise is like trying to shrink your hand to fit your glove.

  • CJ

    OMG your cat is so cute. Well done on getting handy and sewing a bigger pocket. I also wont be investing in the mini just yet. Well done once again.

  • Carver

    I absolutely LOVE your blog! So incredibly useful. I just got admitted to AUC and this blog has been way more helpful than anything on their website. Thanks!

    I do have one question, in the US is a free online ad service that people sell and trade things locally (bikes, appliances, etc). Is there any equivalent for the Island? Online classifieds so that I can start buying the few things I need while there? Also how common/easy is biking as a means of transportation there?

    Thanks a million for the wonderful guide!

    • Benji

      Hey Carver,
      Thanks for visiting my blog and congratulations on your acceptance to AUC! Welcome aboard! As for classifieds, most of us students either join one of the AUC incoming class facebook groups and look for advertisements there, or go to the AUC Classifieds section on ValueMD. I have the links here: . That’d be your best bet as a student. Best of luck!

  • Carver

    Scratch that last part, I just read about biking on your transportation post 🙂

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