45 Thoughts Running Through My Head During Match Season

IMG_2667It’s that time of year again, when all medical students who are transitioning into doctors go through a rite of passage called the Match season. I can’t believe it’s been a year already since I went through mine. It hasn’t been that long since I’ve been on this side of the Match, and already,  I will be interviewing applicants like me not too long ago. Thinking back on how stressful the whole residency application process was, and how many things could have gone wrong but didn’t, I am so thankful to be where I am today. I couldn’t ask for a better program, with people I enjoy working and hanging out with, in a specialty that I feel honored to be a part of, and in a place where I want to be.

Just for fun, here are some of the thoughts that may run through your head during the Match season:

  1. I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied with this personal statement. Rewrite!
  2. Let’s see, so how do I fluff up this ERAS application?
  3. Am I fluffing it up too much?
  4. Did I apply to enough programs?
  5. Forget the application costs…adding more programs.
  6. T minus 20 seconds until ERAS opens up for application submissions!
  7. ERAS is open!
  8. Oh no! Why can’t I access the ERAS site?
  9. ERAS is down! >:o
  10. Been waiting for hours for my application to submit. Why isn’t it going through?
  11. Forget it, I’ll submit it in the evening!
  12. Yay! Got my first…. oh wait, rejection.
  13. Why is everyone else on Facebook getting interview invitations?
  14. Finally got my first interview invitation!
  15. This could be THE place!
  16. Don’t mess it up! This could be my only chance!
  17. Ok, calm, relax, be cool.
  18. Remember, don’t mispronounce the program director’s name!
  19. Wow, awkward question.
  20. … and an even more awkward answer. Definitely didn’t see that coming.
  21. Alright, who all did I talk to that I should send a thank you note to?
  22. Should I email or handwrite it? If I email it would I seem too…? If I hand write it, would it be too…? Wait, is my thank you note long enough? Wait, was it too long?
  23. Oh man, did I sound too desperate on the thank you cards?? Oh well, too late, already sent :/
  24. Yay, more interviews!
  25. This one went way better than the last one!
  26. Mom, I think I found the one.  <3
  27. Going for a second look!
  28. Should I send the program coordinator a New Years card? Would I come off as too bothersome? How much is too much? Can’t decide!
  29. Another interview invitation? Wow, I’m exhau$ted!
  30. Wait, no dinner provided?
  31. Ok, I think I got an idea of my top choices.
  32. Double checking my rank list.
  33. Triple checking my rank list.
  34. Rank list submitted!
  35. What if I don’t match into my top choice? Oh no! What if I don’t match at all??
  36. OK, I’ll quickly read over the SOAP process, in case I have to go through it.
  37. Fine, I’ll stop thinking about the Match until Match Day… la la la la la.
  38. Can’t sleep… Match Day tomorrow! Longest night ever!
  39. Longest morning ever! *click refresh* *click refresh* *click refresh*
  40. Did I match? Did I match? I matched!
  41. Facebook status changed! It ain’t official until it’s on Facebook! *like*
  42. Where did I match? I hope it’s… I hope it’s not…
  43. Yay! First choice!
  44. First day of residency.
  45. What did I get myself into?