Weekend in Scotland

Coming abroad to the UK for clinical studies, it’s difficult not to take advantage of the weekends to explore the country. Being in an age-old and dynamic place as the UK, the travel opportunities are endless, and relatively easy, with the extensive train networks and public transportation here.

This past weekend, after a week of ward rounds, patient interviews, and learning sessions, I headed north from Blackburn by train to Edinburgh (pronounced “Edinburruh”), the capital of Scotland, to meet up with my friend and classmate Gundi from AUC. As Gundi was doing her clinical rotations in London, she flew up by plane, as a train would have taken her 6 hours or so. I was happy to see her again and it was nice to explore a new place with an old friend, like we did when we were on the island.

Scotland is an absolutely beautiful place with a deep history, unique culture, and a small, yet fervent populace, and worth visiting as a weekend trip if you are ever in Blackburn for clinical rotations (but first plan on getting your studying done on the weekdays, so you’ll have time to enjoy the weekend!). Check out this video I made from our trip!