Skip Jack’s: You Choose It From The Tank

Nick, Abe, Eileen, Irene, and I at Skip Jack's

Normally when you go to a restaurant, you choose the food you want from a menu. But at Skip Jack’s, you choose it from the tank.

Skip Jack’s is a popular seafood restaurant to go to among tourists, students, and locals alike, and I’m not surprised why. First off, it’s right on the Simpson Bay Lagoon, outdoors, with a nice breeze and view of the water. Then there’s the nice staff. Then there’s the seafood, and lots of it. It’s what Skip Jack’s is all about!

When we went to Skip Jack’s we were greeted by a big Marlin on the wall. And then you walk over, you see the pool of Caribbean lobsters.

For those of you who have not seen a Caribbean lobster, they are HUMONGOUS! Much larger than Maine Lobsters. There are some differences though… While Maine Lobsters have nice big claws with lots of meat, Caribbean lobsters do not have claws. Instead, their antennae are thick and meaty. And in general, they look like clawless Maine lobsters on steroids.

Unlike Maine lobsters, which are traditionally boiled, Caribbean lobsters are traditionally grilled. The five-pounder lobster that Irene and I got was split right down the middle so that we each got a half. It was grilled and then served with butter and Skip Jack’s creole sauce. The lobster (or should I say HALF a lobster) was so big that I felt that I’ve never had that much meat in my life. There was so much I couldn’t even finish it in one sitting.

If you’re not into lobster, there’s also all sorts of other seafood items you can get. I was so busy enjoying my lobster that I didn’t get to see what Nick’s Seafood Platter was all about. He enjoyed it though.

Atmosphere: Skip Jack’s is right on the water of Simpson Bay Lagoon, very fitting for a seafood restaurant.

Service: The service was really good when we went. The guy grabbing our lobster for us was really cool in letting us hold them to pose to take pics.

Food: Lobster, fish, seafood.. a great place to go for seafood on the island. The lobster is so fresh that you choose it yourself live from a pool.

To get to Skip Jack’s from AUC, drive towards Simpson Bay. Once you pass the bridge, Skip Jack’s is on your left.

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