Bamboo Bernie’s: Sushi in the Caribbean

Dunno which roll this is but it looks good!

With its tiki torches outside, Buddhas illuminated with colorful lights, and upbeat lounge music, it’s not hard to see why Bamboo Bernie’s is a hip and popular place among students and tourists. In my opinion, it’s the best place to go around town for a night of Sushi and it’s conveniently close to campus, just on the other side of the golf course.

I’ve had a lot of good memories here, from Irene’s and my dinner with Dr. Yoshida, to my friend The’s birthday dinner, to all the times I came to Sake Hour with my friends for the half-price sushi and calamari. Bamboo Bernie’s environment and food was right for those moments.

Bamboo Bernie’s has many specialty sushi creations and all the ones I have tried have been really good, such as the Angry Dragon or Bird’s Nest.  Their sashimi is also really good.

If you come during Sake Hour (5-8pm daily) at their Buddha lounge, they have a special half-price menu. You can get an Avocado Roll or Cucumber Roll for only $2.50 or a California Roll or Spicy Roll for $4. I usually get a whole bunch of these… they’re good, they fill me up, and their cheap. The calamari during Sake Hour is an especially good deal, with a big plate of calamari for only $6 and the miso dipping sauce that goes with it is amazing.

Bamboo Bernie’s is more on the expensive side, unless you come during Sake Hour. Expect a specialty roll to cost anywhere from $15-20.

Atmosphere: Bamboo Bernie’s atmosphere is ultra-modern, exotic, and trendy. With its outdoor elevator leading to the restaurant, leading to the giant Buddha and tiki torches greeting you in the front, and illuminated interior, everything about the way there is well designed.

Service: Most of the time, our service has been good, especially during the times we came for Happy Hour. There have been other times though when our service hasn’t been that great, but that’s more specific to this one waiter that works there at night.

Food: Their specialty sushi selection is really good and they get really creative in them, including Caribbean-themed sushi w/ mango in them. Their sashimi is also very good, as well as their Sake Hour selections.

To get to Bamboo Bernies from AUC, just drive through the Golf Course to Maho. It’s the first restaurant on the right. It is upstairs, but you can park in the Parking Garage in Maho.

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