Sunset Bar and Grill: Beach, Airplanes, and Good Times

When you’re in St. Maarten, you gotta come to Maho Beach, and when you are in Maho Beach, you gotta come check out the Sunset Bar and Grill.

I’m a latecomer… I’ve been on the island for a while and it was only last week that I came to the Sunset Bar and Grill for the first time, to celebrate Gundi’s last day on the island. I immediately fell in love with this place.

Check out this video I made and you’ll know what I mean!

Right on the famous Maho Beach, the Sunset Bar and Grill is the best place to have a drink, eat some food, and enjoy watching the planes come in and take off right over the beach. They have a surfboard where they list all the flights and their arrival times for that day.

Despite being a busy restaurant, service was good when we were there.

Sunset has a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. I had the Sate Chicken, which was very good. Coconut shrimp was also very good. The food and drinks are a little pricier than normal, but you pay for the awesome location and good times.

To get to Sunset Bar and Grill from AUC, drive to Maho. Take a right at the roundabout and go past the airport on the left and Maho Beach on your right. Duck if you see a plane. Park inside Caravanserai and walk over to Sunset Bar and Grill. You can’t miss it.

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