Using the iPad to Take Notes

Hello everyone!

When I first came to AUC almost a year and a half ago, tablet PCs were “in” among our class for note taking. It was handy and it was dandy. However, I noticed a shift of technology use the past two semesters. Coming back from the semester break, I noticed there was a surge of students around school using a new gadget in their studies… the iPad! Several colleagues at school and blog readers have asked me about how I take notes on my iPad during lectures, so I thought it’d be neat to do a video demonstration on the application I use called Noterize.

Check it out!

Disclaimer: As of Fall 2011, Noterize has been bought out by another company and is now called PaperPort Notes. The current version has several updates, such as built-in voice recognition that allows you to convert voice dictation to text. However, this version has also been known to have some bugs as well as crash once every while, so be careful when using this version. If you use it, back up your files regularly. Despite these on-going issues, the program is free now, so if you find that you don’t like it, you won’t be wasting any money.

There are other programs out there that has audio recording and annotation, but none so far I have seen can audio record directly on each slide, which is the nice thing about PaperPort Notes/Noterize. If audio recording doesn’t matter as much to you, another annotation program that is worth getting is iAnnotate PDF. Please check out here for more information.