I Believe

I believe…

…everything can be seen with a good and a bad side, a yin and a yang, and all shades of gray in between.

…seeing things objectively is as important as seeing things subjectively.

…that we should all see for ourselves what things are like.

…in being active in obtaining your goals.

…in being open to new ideas, but applying critical thinking.

…being open minded does not mean believing everything you hear.

…humbleness is a good quality.

…loyalty is a good quality.

…we are who we are because of the qualities we are born with, the experiences we’ve had in life, and the ideals we have and strive for.

…we all have ideals that we strive for but can’t achieve, but it’s ok because otherwise we won’t have ideals.

…imperfection brings color to our lives.

…it’s good to celebrate diversity, respecting our differences, and loving the world because it is so wonderful in countless different ways.

…people are beautiful, no matter where you’re from or how old you are.

…religions are beautiful, no matter if I believe in one or another or none.

…cultures are beautiful, no matter where it’s from.

…love is beautiful, no matter whether one is gay, straight, or bisexual.

…if you love someone, you love someone.

…having a positive outlook makes your life happier.

…there is no us vs. them. There is only us.

…we can’t expect others to make us happy. We have to decide to be happy ourselves

…happiness is an attitude, not an event, person, or place. Events, people, and places do not make us happy. We make ourselves happy.

…the more you like, the happier you are. If you learn to like something, then that’s one more thing in life you can enjoy.

…keeping transparency of yourself leads to trust. Keeping confidentiality of others leads to trust.

…the more you hide, the less happy you’ll be.

…beggars can’t be choosers.

…do no harm.

…happiness is best when shared.

…it’s good to respect each other’s autonomy on what we decide to do in life.

…beliefs change, and it’s good because it shows we are thinking.

Benji 🙂