End of an Era

Today is the day Haley, Arif, and I step down as the Head Teaching Assistants of the Anatomy department of the past two semesters and hand over our titles to a brand new set of bright and enthusiastic students. After a whole semester of observing, training, and talking to many qualified candidates, we finally held interviews last week for the positions. This time, we decided to choose four new head TAs to take over the anatomy lab, as we felt this number would more appropriately and better handle the amount of work and responsibilities needed. The candidates all had their own positive qualities, and it was a difficult decision. Nevertheless, we’re confident our successors will do a fine job with the anatomy lab for the next two semesters. Congratulations to Jeff, Alex, Ryan, and Aaron, and good luck to you all!

As much as I’ve always enjoyed being in lab, I’d have to say four semesters is enough, and it’s time for others to take over. It’s been quite a journey, first as a student, then as a TA, then as a head TA. The TA program has really made anatomy a dear part of my life, and working as a head TA has really taught me what it means to be a leader and team player, lessons I can take with me through my career. Yes, there have been rough times and times when we felt stressed or frustrated, but looking back at what I’ve learned and gained from this whole experience, I’d say it was worth it.

Thank you to Dr. Nash for giving us this opportunity, and thank you to everyone for making lab such a wonderful experience!

All the best.

Haley, Arif, and I with the new head TAs Jeff, Alex, Ryan, and Aaron at the Anatomy TA Dinner courtesy of Dr. Nash.