My Apartment in St. Maarten

Hello friends, family, and future colleagues! I made a video tour of the apartment I live in currently in St. Maarten to let you see more of what my life is like here. I’ve been living in Aventura Inn since second semester, and I like it so far. It’s about 8 minutes walking from school and 8 minutes walking from the grocery store, and not too far from the beach or lagoon either. Check it out!

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  • Harvey

    hey Benji,

    I’m starting at AUC in May and wanted to get an apartment now that way I dont have to worry about it later. I havent received anything back on my loans yet so I dont really know how much I have to work with. The place I’m looking at getting at Blue Marine is 1500 a month not including utilities. Do you think I would be able to swing that or should I look for a cheaper place? If I were to just accept the max loan amount offered would I still have money to eat haha or am I pushing it with 1500.


    • Benji

      Hi Harvey,
      There are certainly cheaper places that are just as nice (especially if you share with a roommate), and places that are closer to campus, as getting from Blue Marine to campus requires a car. I’d recommend looking into dorms as well. Dorms are really nice too, and buys you some time and convenience to look for apartments when you’re actually on the island. I think if you borrow full loans, you can pull off paying that much for a place, but remember, you will also be paying for power, water, and buying a car, and gasoline, so you may come close to the limit. However, there are certainly students that pay that much for apartments and have done fine with finances.

  • Jarin

    Hi Benji,

    I am applying to AUC for September 2012. I’ve been looking for apartments near campus. How much did you pay at Aventura Inn? Thanks for your help!


  • Dominique

    Did you bring your car from back home?

    • Benji

      Hi Dominique, I did not have a car while I was in St. Maarten, but there are some people that did ship their cars from back in the states, then sold them to other students when they left the island.

  • sara henderson

    Hi Benji,

    I am considering living here. But I’ve heard horror stories of cockroaches and alot of bugs. Did you have any major issues while living here? I am so terrified of a cockroach outbreak that I’m considering living in rainbow beach club and paying extra just for my peace of mind.

    • Benji

      As a general rule, if you live on the upper floors, you’ll less likely have a bug problem. If you live on the bottom floor, expect to buy lots of Raid!

  • Jennifer Kim

    Hi Benji

    what floor of aventura did you live on? i will be living here on the 6th floor. do you think i’ll see alot of cockroaches or will i randomly see one or two from time to time? i’m not sure how bad the situation is. did you see alot of cockroaches during your stay?

    • Benji

      Hi Jennifer, I stayed on the fifth floor and I did not have any issues with cockroaches or other crawling bugs – the perks of living high up. The only issue I had was fruit flies, but that’s only because I left fruit out too long.

  • John

    I will move there on the lower floors, any suggestions how to keep bugs away? And moscitos I am most worried about?
    Are there families in the building?

    • Benji

      Raid has always worked for me. Have some bug spray around as well, like Off, which you can get at local grocery stores. The units at Aventura are a little small for families. Most families with kids stay elsewhere.

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