Three Mothers and Their Children

Three mothers and their children - L to R - April, Leah, and Irene Ho.
Three mothers and their children – L to R – April, Leah, and Irene Ho.

Dear Mom,
Ever since I became a parent, I appreciate more than ever the patience, dedication, and sacrifice that you made in your life to raise us to become the individuals we are today. Being a mom is not easy, especially to four boys. You taught us all how to read and write. You taught us to play the piano and appreciate the music and arts, and to value education. You gave us the privilege of growing up in a loving, stable household, and gifted us with the values we need to treat others around us with respect. This takes a lot of courage and strength, and from you, we learned to survive in this world. After all these years of you being our mother, we all turned out not too bad, so I’d say you did quite a heck of a job! Thank you so much for all these years of endless support and care. Lyra is so lucky that she will grow up with such an awesome grandma around.

Dear Irene
I can’t imagine what it is like being in your position right now. You haven’t had a proper night’s sleep for the past month ever since Lyra was born. You make sure she is always well fed and safe, and there hasn’t been a moment where our baby isn’t #1 on your mind. I couldn’t be happier having you as a life partner and mother to our child. I look forward to our many more adventures together. Thank you so much and I love you always!

Happy Mothers Day to both of you, to my sisters-in-law April and Alice, my mother-in-law May, Lyra’s godmother Ishiuan, and all other moms out there. You are appreciated way beyond what a single day out of the year can celebrate. We owe you everything.