A New Family

From the moment I met Irene, I have been impressed by her free spirit, dedication, and her ability to always make me smile, and I married her so that I will be smiling for the rest of my life. Irene is a strong woman and for the past nine months, she has been a trooper, not giving up a day treating her patients at the clinic and not making any excuses to skip gym. This week, with the birth of our first child, she is now a supermom.

I’m happy to introduce our daughter, Lyra Penelope Ho, born April 8, 2014 in Valdosta, Georgia, and share with you all some of the pictures from our first week as a new family.

Photo Apr 07, 9 23 01 PM
Irene, the day before delivery, still full of spirit and energy.
Photo Apr 08, 12 43 12 AM
Because our baby was transverse, Irene had to get a c-section. Here’s us prepping for the procedure.What a brave woman!
Photo Apr 08, 7 11 29 PM
The great thing about being in your hometown is that you have lots of people you grew up with around to support you. Here’s me, Irene, and her nurse Lara, who is also Irene’s childhood friend. Lyra was also delivered by the same doctor that delivered Irene 30 years ago, Dr. Moseley.
Photo Apr 08, 1 02 27 PM
Our first time meeting Lyra. It was a big relief hearing her cry for the first time.
Our first photo as a family.
Photo Apr 08, 5 32 36 PM
Grandma Leah (my mom) and Lyra.
Photo Apr 08, 6 06 37 PM
Lyra, Day 1. Still puffy.
Photo Apr 09, 6 28 50 PM
My nephew James peering over to see his new baby cousin.
Photo Apr 08, 9 39 21 PM
Lyra with Daddy.
Photo Apr 08, 9 39 44 PM
It’s going to be a sleepless night.
Photo Apr 11, 1 07 01 PM
Gung-Ho Family selfie!
Photo Apr 11, 1 22 47 PM
Mommy, Daddy, and Lyra leaving the hospital and finally heading back home to start a new life together.