Butterfly Farm

Irene and I visiting the Butterfly Farm on the French side

Since Irene loves caterpillars and bugs, I just had to take her to the Butterfly Farm in French St. Martin during her visit last week. For me, this was my second time visiting the farm, as I had previously visited the farm back when I was 14 years old on a cruise in 1998.

The Butterfly Farm is a garden in a large mesh enclosure, and of course, with butterflies fluttering everywhere around you. Our tour guide was a cheery Englishman who was absolutely funny, entertaining, and informative, making the point that the Butterfly Farm isn’t just a place to see beautiful butterflies from around the world, but an organization that is helping to save the planet by inspiring others to plant butterfly-friendly environments that will let these creatures thrive and help in the much-needed cross-pollination of plants and trees.

It was really cool to get up-close and personal to these beautiful creatures at all stages of its growth: from eggs, to caterpillars, to cocoons, and to full-grown butterflies. Irene and I really enjoyed the Butterfly Farm.

To get to the farm, if you are coming from Marigot, drive past Orient Beach. You will get to a sign on the left that points to the Butterfly Farm as well as a horse stable. Turn into this road on the left and the butterfly farm will be on your right. Tickets are $14 but AUC students get half off ($7)!