Practicing Medicine in Canada

Canadian students have always been a integral part of the AUC community. Some of the brightest students here are from Canada, such as CW, who received the Student of the Semester Award earlier this semester. As the largest minority here, they make up about 9% of the student body. Just a few weeks ago, the Canadian Medical Students Association became the newest student organization on campus, and next Wednesday, the second speaker to come back to AUC for the Beyond Basic Sciences Lecture Series (BBS) is coming all the way from Canada. Dr. Antonella Morra, an AUC graduate (’96), went through the whole medical student experience here at AUC, and is now practicing pediatrics in her hometown in Canada. She will be giving a talk about “Practicing Medicine in Canada.” Whether you are a Canadian student who want to find out how to return home to practice, interested in Peds, or just interested in hearing a fellow AUC-er talk about her experiences and tips on succeeding, this talk is for you! I’ll be looking forward to meeting Dr. Morra.