Here are some one-liners I made up for this past block (block 2) in Med Micro to help me remember some of the clinical symptoms and characteristics associated with bugs. The first syllable of each phrase is the character or symptom, while each syllable after that represents the organisms. I try to keep the syllables as close to the original sounds as possible to help me remember the organisms better. Nothing drives me crazier than knowing a mnemonic but forgetting what they represent!

“Fool! Stop Sue!”

Folliculitis: Staph aureus, Pseudomonas

“Cars stop Israeli pastors.”

Carbuncles: Staph aureus, A. israelii, Pasteurella

“Bust-stop Strip-Bar… No Money!”

Pustules: Staph aureus, strep pyogenes, bartonella, nocardia, s. moniliformis, eikenella

“Nick strips, closet vibrates”

Necrosis: Strep pyogenes, clostridium perfringens, vibrio vulnificus.

“Old French ladies may sport dreds.”

Ulcers: Francisella, leishmania, mycobacteria, sporothrix, dracunculus

“Espiritu, Orfan sue!”

Eschar: Spirillum minus, orf virus, b. anthracis, pseudomonas.

“Tender Fur”

Tineas: Dermatophyes, M. furfur

“Abe’s fragrant feces prevent acne”

Abdominal Abscess: B. fragilis, E. fecalis, Prevotella, Actinobacter baumanii

“Pure Men: nice, new, influential.”

Purulent Meningitis: Neisseria, S. pneumoniae, H. influenza

“New Men’s Gal E-List”

Neonatal Meningitis: S. agalactiae, E. coli, Listeria


Nodular Lymphangitis: nocardia, sporothrix

“Know my acid fast cell walls”

Acid Fast Cell Wall: nocardia, mycobacteria

“In my bar, French ladies.”

Intracellular: mycobacteria, bartonella, francisella, leishmania

“Sinful Sally Spoke!”

Sinus Tracts: Salmonella, Sporothrix

“Sue and Sal hate milk.”

Non-Lactose Fermentors: pseudomonas, salmonella

“Grandma is nice, influential, boring.”

Gram negative (for meningitis/encephalitis): es. coli, neisseria, h. influenza, borrelia burgdoferi