Thanks For Your Support

I just booked for us to stay at the Royal Palm Beach Resort when my brothers Jason and Justin, my mother, my girlfriend Irene, and her mother come visit. I found a special deal through where if we book for 4 nights, the entire stay is half off, so I took it! The hotel looks much nicer than my original first choice, The Atrium, and for a better price too! The Atrium would have cost us $900 for four nights. This place is only $660. Our suite would be two bedrooms, each with a king size bed, with a queen-sized pull-out sofa in the living room. There are two baths, a kitchen, and an ocean-view balcony. Kim Sha Beach is right outside. Check out their virtual tour!

I can’t wait for my family and friends to come. It is wonderful to have so much support, especially for a Caribbean med student. During my journey there have been people who discouraged me from going abroad. Some say I wouldn’t be able to come back to the States. Others say “you’re better than that.” Now, I understand that many of these fears are based on a lack of understanding. But ultimately, it is the people who support whatever I know to be best for me that are truly going to help me. To my family, Irene, the Gung family, and my friends, thank you for your love and support. With the strength you give me, I know I will come back home as a better person.

2 comments to Thanks For Your Support

  • studentdoc2017

    Hi Benji,
    Thanks for all the info on your blog. I am looking at hotels for my family (party of 6 including myself) to stay at when they visit in May. You might have mentioned it somewhere on your blog already, but is May a busy touristy season? I’m hoping the price would go down when it gets closer to May. I checked out the Royal Palm pricing and it’s going to cost me over $1700 for the two bedrooms for 5 nights! Ouch! That half off deal sounds SO awesome. I hope they offer something like that soon!

    • Benji

      Wow! $1700 is quite a lot! When my family came three years ago, it was $660 for 4 nights at the half-price special for a suite of 2 king-size bedrooms, kitchen, living room, pull-out queen size sofa, balcony. The busy season usually ends around late March/early April, so hopefully the prices will drop.

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