You Know You’ve Been a Med Student Too Long When…

You know you’ve been a med student too long when…

  • You’re taking a test and you barely even read half of a question “a 6 year old male who lives in an old house…” and you already know it’s talking about lead poisoning.
  • You see Gate A3 at the airport and the first thing that comes to your mind is “Hemochromatosis”
  • You start applying NURS in your everyday conversations.
  • You go to the beach not because you want a tan but because you need to catch up on the Vitamin D3 you’ve been deprived of sitting in the library all day.
  • You overhear your friends talking about the UGA football game and you think they’re talking about stop codons.
  • You have a fear of swimming in lakes now, or walking barefoot outside.
  • You don’t eat anything straight from the can anymore.
  • Every time you eat potato salad, you think about diarrhea.
  • You can’t wait til the weekend comes because that’s when you can catch up on your studies!
  • You tell people you were at the hospital and they ask “omg what happened?” and you have no idea why they suddenly care so much.
  • You thought you were being original dressing up as a dermatome for Halloween, only to find out several of your other med school classmates already showed up in the same costume.
  • You can remember every step of Glycolysis but not your own cell phone number.
  • You study your cadaver dissections while eating dinner and be completely OK with it.
  • You carry on a conversation with “how does that make you feel?”
  • You start diagnosing random people you see on the street, even when you try to mind your own business.
  • You have no idea who Megan Fox is but an opportunity to meet Lionel Raymon, Robert Acland, or Edward Goljan will make your day.
  • You start using words like “perfuse”, “radiate”, or “aberrant” in your everyday speech.
  • You set medical acronyms like LMX1B or CYP450 as your password because you think it’s easy to remember.
  • The longest word in the English language you can think of is “pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism.”
  • When you play hangman with your friends and guess the answer “tinea versicolor” right with only “_ _ _ E A    _ E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _”

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