Hiking in Guana Bay

Hiking is one of the simplest and greatest ways to explore a place and enjoy nature, and St. Maarten is in no shortage of beautiful places.

One of my favorite places I have found for hiking is the single-file natural trail along the coastline that links Guana Bay to Geneve Bay, on the eastern side of the island, known commonly as the Guana Bay Coastal Hike.  It’s a popular hiking destination for cruise ship tourists due to its proximity to Philipsburg, where the cruise ships dock, and an easy hike as well.

Guana Bay is a place where grassy highlands meet the sea, reminding me of the famous grassy coasts of Ireland.

Check out some pictures I snapped from my visit.

Guana Bay, where grassy highlands meet sea

To get to Guana Bay from AUC, follow the route on this map, and park anywhere at the end of the road. Walk towards the sea and towards the right side, around the mountain, and follow the trail.

2 comments to Hiking in Guana Bay

  • Allysa Reed

    Hi there, thanks so much for all your great info! I’m looking for non-cruise excursion activities that don’t cost an arm and a leg so your site is super helpful! Quick question in regards to hiking in Guana Bay, I know you mentioned it’s an easy hike but could you elaborate on that a little more? Distance, time, etc? My husband and I love hiking but he needs to have back surgery so too much walking/hiking is well, too much for him. Just want to make sure this is something we can do ahead of time. Thanks so much!

    • Benji

      Hi Allysa,
      Thanks for reading. The Guana Bay hike is on a single file dirt or grass trail. There may be some rocks so I would wear close toed shoes. I’ve never hiked the whole trail but it is about 2.5 miles. There may be some slopes but they are not steep. Your husband can hike as tolerated. Hope yall have a good trip!

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