The Resolution

It has been quite a journey so far, and now that I have completed well over a full year of medical school, I’m really starting to understand better my purpose of learning the Basic sciences, and what it means in being a doctor. I’ve learned that being a doctor is more than just being a mechanic of the body, fixing things when they go wrong. A major part of being a doctor, being granted a doctorate degree that sets them apart from other medical professionals, is also being a scientist, a scholar who is in constant pursuit of knowledge, for the ultimate goal of understanding everything about the human body and it’s place in the world and not just what is needed for his or her specific interest or specialty. With this level of understanding, a doctor can not only know how to fix routine problems but also to customize and innovate treatments for a person’s unique individual circumstances.

During our first few semesters at AUC, we learned about the body, what the normal body looks like through anatomy and histology and how the body normally works through physiology and immunology. By understanding what is normal first, we can better understand what is abnormal. We then learned how the body can stray from normality, tying together all the disciplines we learned to that point in understanding the pathology of disease and the reasons behind pharmacological treatments. The disciplines we learned from the initial semesters come back again and again in later semesters. Knowing histology is crucial in understanding pathology and determining diagnosis. The same applies with anatomy and immunology. As your journey through the semesters progress, all the different disciplines you learn start to piece together and make sense as a whole. This synthesis is medicine. And this is what I want.

This semester had been rough for me, personally and academically. I had some conflicts, and I did not perform as well as I wanted to in class. There are so many things I wish I can be better at. I want to be a better student. I want to be prepared and do well on the Board exams. Most of all, I want to understand the art of medicine to it’s full entirety to become the best doctor I can be. Because of this I want to focus my last semesters in Basic Sciences in making this happen, and not making the same mistake as I had before. This means I will be blogging a lot less than before.

I am so thankful for being at a place that will guide me along the way towards this enlightenment. There are so many awesome stories that I would love to share with everyone but I simply don’t have enough time for them all. You’ll have to experience them for yourself. Thank you to everyone who is reading. I will write from time to time to update you all on life as a med student in the Caribbean.

To a Happy New Year and all the best!