Who Reads Diary of a Caribbean Med Student?

Hello everyone!

Thanks so much for reading Diary of a Caribbean Med Student. Ever since I started this blog nine months ago, the site has expanded and the design has changed drastically. The number of visitors are ever increasing, and come from all over the world. According to Google Analytics, most of you come from the United States, followed by the Netherlands Antilles, then Canada. For those of you from the United States, most of you are from New York, then Florida, then California. The most read entry on my blog is Guide to AUC: What to Pack?

Thank you all so much for the support! I really enjoy sharing my experiences with everyone and try to answer any questions you all may have. Hopefully I’ll get to meet many of you if I haven’t already!

So I’m very curious as to who are you all that read Diary of a Caribbean Med Student… Let’s find out!