Welcome New September 2009 Class!

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  • MD wannabe

    Hi, I just wanted to say your blog is excellent! I have a question. I was recently accepted for the September 2011 semester, but due to personal reasons, I will most likely defer my admission to January. Does this have a great impact on residency placement? I know it’s usually tough to keep up with the previous September semester and thus, most students just try to match for the following year (ie 2016). However, I just can’t help to think about how much extra time I would have. Can you please help me out in trying to understand the timeline and perhaps what previous January matriculants gave done. Also, I hear many students decel because of the load or maybe just to make up for time, how does that work? Does that cost more money? Thank you!

  • f

    Hi MD Wannabe,
    Thanks for reading. It is true that the January class usually try to match for the following year, and that gives you quite a lot of extra time to spare. Many students may take time off to study for the Step II exams. Some people may do research with a doctor they met during their clinical rotations, while others may work or volunteer in the medical field. Some students (after they graduate and are waiting for the Match the following year) may come back to the island as a research fellow or ICM instructor. Most important thing is always stay busy and always do something that will help your career.

    As for students who decel, it is quite common, and you do have to pay for an extra semester of tuition, but depending on how much you decel, you may just pay for half-time tuition for being a part-time student for the semester. Nevertheless, with the cost of living, it gets very expensive. So please try your best not to decel.

    Thanks for reading and good luck with everything!

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