The Taste Factory: Art Pieces They Call Pastries

Coffee and Chocolate layered pastry

Ever since this place opened not too long ago at the site of the old Liberty Inn in Simpson Bay, The Taste Factory has become a hit. With its bold pink and brown exterior and its clean interior highlighted with pink reflected light, it’s ambiance easily invites anyone passing by to come in. Ran by the same people who run Sarafina’s in Marigot, the Taste Factory does what Sarafina’s does best: pastries, bread, sandwiches, breakfast…

My first visit to the Taste Factory was at a get-together that Irene organized with the girls she met here: Kathy, Eileen, Jen, and Vincenza. I was pretty hungry when I went, but when I walked in and saw all the beautiful art pieces they call pastries, my eyes just got even hungrier. When I saw the crab sandwich on display, I couldn’t resist. I was extremely impressed… it was fresh, it was filling, it was big, and it has real crab meat! On a French baguette! And it was only $7… beat that Subway! For a drink I got their fresh squeezed orange juice, and literally they squeezed it in front of me. It was good.

Since the sandwich and juice filled me up, I picked out some pastries to take home to try later. My favorite was the chocolate mousse with a crispy wafer bottom, covered in chocolate gounache. The coffee pastry was really good too with the layers of chocolate and coffee-soaked cake. The flan I got was OK in my opinion, but a good change in taste from the chocolatey stuff I usually tend to get.

Atmosphere: The Taste Factory has a clean, coffee-shop type of indoor environment. It’s a great place to go for a small get together with friends, or just by yourself to read a book, although it’d be hard not to take a peek at the beautiful pastries displayed.

Service: Like Sarafina’s, The Taste Factory has good service.

Food: Great pastries, breakfast, sandwiches, bread, coffee, cakes… the pictures speak for themselves.

To get to The Taste Factory from AUC, drive towards Simpson Bay. Once you cross the drawbridge, it will be on your left.

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