Drive-In Pizza: The Biggest Pizzas on the Island

Biggest pizzas on the island!

We have surprisingly a lot of pizza places on this island. Just around campus alone, we have the AUC favorite, Papa Dan’s Pizza just right next door, as well as Sugar Cane Cafe down the street that has some some pretty good pizzas as well. However, when it comes to size and quality, it’s hard to beat Drive-in Pizza, self-proclaimed to have the “biggest pizzas on the island.”

And they aren’t kidding. These pies are so big they hang out of the box when they deliver ’em to you. At least that’s with their large size. Their medium size fits in the box, but they probably still had to put some effort to squeeze the crust in just to make it fit.

Their pizzas are thin, with probably more cheese than crust, and their flavors range from the familiar, like margeurite, to the more fancy, like smoked salmon with basil and creme on pizza, which was awesome by the way. Located on the French side of the island, Drive-in Pizza has all these different types of European-style cheeses and sausages used as toppings, like brie cheese or merguez, a North African-style spicy sausage popular in France, which was also really good.

Drive-in Pizza is located in Sandy Ground, just across the border on the French side. I have never been to their actual restaurant, but why would you ever really need to when you’re busy studying and need to order delivery?

Atmosphere: Delivery. But in the presence of study buddies, and lecture notes spread out on tables, it’s great.

Service: After ordering your pizza, they usually have the pizza delivered between 20-40 minutes, depending on how busy they are. I’m not sure if the French are used to getting tips for pizza delivery, as the delivery boy gave us confusing looks the last two times we gave him tip. But they were nice anyway. Not everyone there speaks fluent English, so be prepared to meet some language barriers.

Food: Great if you are a thin-crust lover, and when I say thin, I mean realllly thin! Pizzas are definitely the biggest, or at least the ones with the largest radii, I’ve seen on the island, as they have claimed.