Trip to Anguilla

To celebrate the end of our semesters, Gundi, Eileen, and I went over to the neighboring British island of Anguilla for the day. This would be Gundi and Eileen’s first time going to Anguilla, while it was my third. Just to recall, my first time was during first semester when we went out after block exams to celebrate Arif’s birthday. My second time was with Irene during my break on the island last year. So anyway, this was my third time. I had just finished final exams that morning, and Anguilla was the perfect way to getaway from all the stress and sweat of the previous few weeks.

Exams went well for me. I passed all my classes and ended up honoring (>90) two classes this semester, which I’m happy about, considering how much I struggled last semester academically. I have realized it’s not the amount of hours one puts in that makes one succeed but the strategy one uses to study. This semester, like last semester, I have put in the same countless amount of hours into studying, but the difference is in the strategy, which varies for different classes and people. When I think back, all that time spent studying last semester seemed wasted with the method I was using, but it took that struggle to realize my weaknesses and understand and improve the way I learn. After all these previous semesters of struggling I think I’ve finally figured out a strategy of learning that works well for me. Because of this realization, I am optimistic and am looking forward to my last semester on the island in a few weeks.

So because of all this, for me personally, there was a lot to celebrate on this trip to Anguilla!

Let me share with you our day!

Special thanks go to the students, staff, and Dean of Student Affairs at SJSM Anguilla for being so warm and welcoming to us. It was really cool to meet our fellow med students on our neighboring island. They are a nice and close-knit group of people and I wish them the best in their careers.