A Sad Day at AUC

It is a tragic time at AUC with the loss of one of our fellow members of the AUC community, a second semester student, who was found dead in his apartment in Cupecoy Thursday morning. Respecting his immediate family’s request, his name and more details about the situation are not to be revealed at this time.

I wasn’t very close with my colleague, but I have a good impression of him. I remember meeting him the first day he came to AUC. He was a good guy and very easy to get along with and we ended up hanging out together and talking a long time that day, and I felt that this was someone I could see as a good friend. Those first few days of school, I’ve always enjoyed it every time we talked. Whether it was about law or medicine, he always seemed very enthusiastic about what we talked about and made the other person enthusiastic as well. I helped him out by giving him some of my notes and academic resources, and he always updated me on how things were going with him. Later on in the semester as we both got busy (we were in different classes), we didn’t get to talk as much as we did before anymore except for the occasional “wutsup buddy?” when we saw each other around campus. The last time I saw him was the previous Thursday before his death, when we passed each other in the ICM hallway and greeted each other.

Like I said before, I wasn’t very close with him, but if he could make someone like me feel like I were talking with an old buddy, I’m sure he has touched even more people’s hearts to those he was close to. I am saddened by the news, and he will truly be missed. He was a good guy.

As of this time, the school will continue to communicate with the family and be respectful of their requests.

This morning several classes have held a moment of silence for the student and the Diversity Council Talent Show held a moment of silence for him and dedicated the event to him as well.

The school has offered support to those who seek it during this tragic time. Help is available by contacting AUC’s Emergency Mental Health Consultant on call at 554-0265 during after hours and on the weekend. During regular school hours, the school’s wellness counselor, Dr. Adams, and assistant dean of student affairs, Dr. Stroschein is available for support.

As this is a sad time for all of us at this university, please support each other and keep this student’s family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you and take care.


The school held a memorial for the student. It was nice. Many of his friends and some professors and administrators shared stories in memory of him, as well as presented a slideshow of his time on the island with his friends. The SGA President made a memory book for everyone to leave messages, which was sent to the student’s family. There was a good turnout and showed that the student made an impact, no matter how big or how small, on those around him.