Fort Amsterdam

Here are some pictures of Irene and me at Fort Amsterdam when Irene was here visiting back toward the beginning of the summer. It was just after my second semester and I was on break, and had nothing to worry about. Knowing how much of a history fanatic I was, we decided to explore Fort Amsterdam, situated on the peninsula between Little Bay and Great Bay in Philispburg. It was the perfect blend between our love for hiking, exploring, and learning, and of course, being with each other.

A little about Fort Amsterdam… While the French side had their own fort protecting their capital in Marigot, Fort Louis, the Dutch had one as well. Fort Amsterdam was built in 1631 and overlooks Great Bay, protecting the marine entrance into the Dutch St. Maarten capital of Philipsburg. It was the first fort built by the Dutch in the Caribbean. Today, a few bastion walls remain and ruins of subsequent developments of the fort can be seen. The site offers many plaques, painting the story of the fort. A walk to the top of the fort offers magnificent views of the blue waters of Great Bay and Downtown Philipsburg. To get there, park at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort, then walk through the hotel, up the hill.