The Scope

Now that I am less than a year away from leaving the island, I am starting to feel the Basic Sciences version of the mid-life crisis. I do not want to leave the island with regrets of not doing the things I wanted to do. I want to meet some great people and make some lasting connections. I want to see beautiful places, and have enriching experiences. I want to gain something out of my education and leave with a sense of personal accomplishment. Most of all, I want to leave knowing I am still part of the community.

I blog about my experiences here at AUC, and so far I’ve had an amazing time. It worries me that once I leave the island to begin my clinical years, I will become so far removed from the community that nurtured me to pursue my dreams. I’d really like to keep up with what goes on around campus and hear my future fellow med students share their own experiences compared with my own. I’m sure many others would too.

With that being said, I’d like to share with you all a project that I’ve been working on the past two days. Ever since I stepped foot on AUC, I’ve been really thinking about making a student newspaper, but the past few days I realized with a physical paper newspaper, I won’t be able to see images or hear about the happenings on the island once I’m off to do my clinical rotations, especially if no other blogs come in. So with a spark of sudden motivation, and a dash of excitement, I created an online student newsletter over the weekend as a preliminary step towards an objective much greater. Check it out at .

I’m hoping this would become a self-running newsletter open to any AUC student (Basic Science or Clinicals), spouse, or organization to contribute. As of now, anyone with an AUC email can register and become a contributor of the newsletter, and eventually it will have authors and editors with full-publishing rights. Let me know what you think! If anyone is interested in getting involved in making this online community newsletter work by becoming a writer, please register on the site and let me know!The Scope