AUC Montage 2010

Last month for a week, AUC’s camera crew came to campus and shot a lot of footage of life on campus and the island. I’d like to share with you all a video montage that they made from their visit. Given that they were here for only a week, and the fact that it rained almost every day, I am quite impressed by the spectrum of footage they were able to capture to showcase what life is like at AUC. A lot of things happened that week. In case you were wondering, here are some things you can see in this video:

  • 0:20 — An after-block student event
  • 0:34 — The first day of anatomy lab for first semester students, and first day of TA-ing for new anatomy TAs.
  • 0:48 — Students participating in one of the epidemiology research experiments by one of our professors.
  • 0:55 — Sim Man
  • 1:25 — Dr. Nwosu’s anatomy lecture. I see he is teaching the class about scoliosis.
  • 1:30 — Dr. Shupe’s med micro lecture. See me in the front row with my friends?
  • 1:38 — The bridge connecting Sandy Ground with Marigot, on the French side
  • 1:43 — Fort Louis in Marigot, capital of French St. Martin, and the wonderful views from the top.
  • 1:59 — Maho at Night
  • 2:10 — Maho Beach, the beach famous for airplanes landing just above the heads of sunbathers.
  • 2:20 — Marigot Market, selling arts and crafts everyday and fish and fresh fruits on Saturday mornings.
  • 2:32 — Intro to Clinical Medicine (ICM) class
  • 2:44 — Computer Lab in the library, and other library scenes.
  • 2:52 — Back to lab again!
  • 2:55 — I’m actually not sure what this is… maybe one of the presentation or meetings they had when MEAS was down on the island? Or some sort of crime symposium?
  • 3:06 — Dr. Testa, our new Dean of Basic Sciences, talking with students. He is wonderful to get along with and gives great advice.
  • 3:11 — The outdoor luncheon during the AUC Clinical Symposium. The luncheon was held at the picnic tables on campus and complete with food catered by BB’s and a life steel drum band!
  • 3:20 — You see professional bikers all the time on the island.
  • 3:24 — Every afternoon after the block exams, AUC students head down the street to Mullet Bay Beach to celebrate. Playing volleyball after blocks is a favorite among many students.
  • 3:30 — Back to Maho Beach, where airplanes land just above the sand.
  • 3:35 — The Class of 2010 Commencement Ceremony also took place that week at the Sonesta Maho Hotel. I went to go volunteer as an usher and had the pleasure of meeting some graduates and hearing some inspiring speeches.

Check it out!